Of the people. For the people.

Imagine a wine rating system based on a minimum of 10 opinions
from a core group of 100 instead of just one.
It’s as simple as that for the wine lover.
A system with the extremes of personal likes and dislikes removed.

What was not simple, however, was bringing together representatives
from all aspects of the wine industry.
Not just MWs, MSs, CSWs, CSs, sommeliers
but importers, distributors, merchants, writers, educators
and some people who simply love wine.

All willing to devote the time and effort required to create
a wine rating system of far more practical value.


We’ve all seen it.
The wine rated 95 by one expert but, only 90 by another.

This is not a problem with the wine,
it is a problem with ratings based on single tasters and their tastes.

If your tastes coincide with one particular wine reviewer, you are in luck.
Follow his or her advice. But, most of us would agree
that a better way to rate wines might be what is needed.


To give wine lovers ratings they can trust knowing
they are not the specific opinion of a single person –
even if that person represents a larger publication.

To be a positive influence on the wine industry.

To make The Wine Senate Rating the industry standard
for helping buyers at all levels find wines that never disappoint.


The Wine Senate will taste and review wines in a group format.

Each Wine Senator in attendance will BLIND taste and score each wine.

Those scores will be averaged to create
The Wine Senate Rating.

A groups’ view on a single wine creates a system wine buyers can trust.
We hope, by having the entire industry represented,
to see The Wine Senate Ratings appearing on bottles not just in written reviews.